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Magically Morning Moments!

Filed under: Sights, Sounds and Observations! — Sally at 11:26 pm on Thursday, June 30, 2005

Excerpt from the Observation Jouirnal: Stumbling out the door at 6 a.m., I alarmed a white tail deer which had been feeding at the roadside. The “click-click” of its hoofs on the road top drew my attention as it ran up the hill to the west with its white tail pointing straight up.

Minutes later, kayaking on the river and Osprey flew down to check me out, startling the Heron to flight with its noisy investigation. Magically morning moments at the Sunny Rock B&B. Doug

The Moose Again

Filed under: Sights, Sounds and Observations! — Sally at 10:34 am on Thursday, June 30, 2005

It is rare, but I was delighted on this occasion, out of the bush from the western river edge cam a Moose. I could hardly take my eyes off it in disbelief. Usually when there is something to see on the Drag River out front of our Sunny Rock Bed and Breakfast I run for the binoculars and shout with delight to tell the guests. I am again alone and the only witness to this spectacular sight. The guest that was to arrive tonight will feel robbed of this experience.

Beaver? or Common Mergansers Family?

Filed under: Sights, Sounds and Observations! — Sally at 10:53 pm on Saturday, June 25, 2005

Excerpt from the Observation Journal: It was 8 p.m. this 19th of June 2005, and there was still sunshine. At a distance I thought it was a beaver and I called my friend Ramya to come over quietly to see the beaver and she said it was not a beaver but a duck with ducklings.

It was actually a Common Merganser (female) with 10 babies on top of her. Oh! What a sight.

They went on top of the rock that was just near the building and rested awile drying their wings. The babies followed what the mama did. It was so cute as the babies were abour 4″ in height and like little fluffy balls.

They stayed about 10 minutes on the rock and then went back to the water and swam away. We watched as long as we could see. This will be one of the memorable moments of the Sunny Rock B&B for both of us. Wishing all the very best to Sally & Jan. Hope you will keep this lovely place forever. With love, Laura & Ramya

Nothing better than coming to a place that feels like home

Filed under: Clarkecove Riverside Room Guest Messages,Guest Testimonials — Sally at 11:38 am on Friday, June 24, 2005

– Nothing better than coming to a place that feels like home.
– Long day on the river (Gull) kayaking. Great water level 8.8 (very high water)
– Been coming to Sunny Rock B&B for a while now. Great place, great service and
great people.
– Time for sleep. Need to paddle in the a.m.


We Witnessed and Extaordinary Event!

Filed under: Sights, Sounds and Observations! — Sally at 11:06 pm on Thursday, June 23, 2005

Excerpt from the Observation Journal: It is still light (9:15 p.m. June 21, 2005) and a long time guest, Jamie, just arrived for a brief visit. As we were saying hello we witnessed an extrordinary event.

“An Osprey was taking control of the river and was asserting his fishing rights. He flew out of the high pine tree, over the falls and flew in a large circle over the Scotts Dam falls. Two Herons left their positions on the rocks and scattered into flight. Seeing all three huge birds in flight asserting their position on the water was incredible. …but that is not the end of it,

“That 30 seconds of “WOW” was worth every moment. We went running onto the deck to see if we could see where the herons went…we guesses down the river. The Osprey had returned to his perch in the high tree.

“Seconds later as if saying they were not going to give up their rights to the river the two herons turned around in perfect “flight of pairs” and were expecting (I think) to return to their rocks…when out of the tree again comes the Osprey….once again scattering the herons that flew right pasted the deck.

What a sight to behold…and we were there. Written by Sally, host of the Sunny Rock B&B which is overlooking the Scotts’ Dam Falls on the Drag River.

Her Dinasour Like Beauty!

Filed under: Sights, Sounds and Observations! — Sally at 11:39 pm on Saturday, June 11, 2005

Excerpt from the Observation Journal: We had just returned to Sunny Rock from a local daytrip and were making a quick change of clothes in the Pine Studio for an anticipated “Natural Whirlpool” and swim.

I looked out towards the water over the balcony and saw what I assumed was a very slow moving log…the odd thing was it wsa moving against the current.

With logic on my side I reached for the binoculars and took a magnified look. The slow moving log creeping its way up current was actually a very large turtle (the neck and head of this enormous turtle was what looked like the log).

With a closer look, the Turtle’s shell (bigger than what my arms could wrap around) followed just under the water surface. She was solitary, independent, strong, alone…but she shared her presence with me.

I called my partner to see her dinasour like beauty (the turtle). But as quick as she came for a look, the turtle submerged underwater and vanished..

For that brief moment the turtle was not alone or maybe it was me that wasn’t! Written by Debra June 8th, 2005

The Moose, Part 2

Filed under: Sights, Sounds and Observations! — Sally at 10:38 pm on Friday, June 10, 2005

Thank goodness that a neighboour down the river and across the road said that she also saw the Moose on the same day I did. She heard me telling my story to a bunch of folks at a neighbourhood gathering. The neighbour comes over and confirms that she, two days ago, also saw the moose cross her front lawn (she also watched it for a long time) and then it crossed the highway heading in the Sunny Rock B&B direction. . Phew..I was wanting to share the view and the story with someone. Sally

The Moose, Part 1

Filed under: Sights, Sounds and Observations! — Sally at 8:00 pm on Monday, June 6, 2005

This is an excerpt from our River Observation Journal: Infront of a neighbouring cottage (The Humphrey’s cottage) is a nice crop of uncut grass. I observed a moose come out of the tree line and grazing in the grass. Seeing such a magnificant sight I would usually run about the Lodge and tell everyone to look out of the riverview windows…. but this day I was all alone. From my chair in the TV area of the Sunroom I watched the moose with binoculars for about 25 minutes. He was having a great meal and I was in my glory. What a site. Observation date May 30th 6 p.m. Observer Sally