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Haliburton School for the Arts good food, great view, friendly Heron, good company, great hospitality and a wonderful river “soundtrack”:

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Sally & Jan
Heatwaves and Haliburton School for the Arts were the headlines for the week! Thank goodness I had such a wonderful base to come back to after class where I could have a refreshing swim! This was not all I enjoyed about the Sunny Rock Bed and Breakfast experience – good food, great view, friendly Heron, good company, great hospitality and a wonderful river “soundtrack”. Thanks


Loved the view and the luxurious accoutrements

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I’ve had a good rest at the end of an intensive week! Loved the view and the luxurious accoutrements, admired the construction and design of this beautiful house – space, comfort & friendly hospitality. Thanks for everything – maybe till next year?


Heron Landing at the Natural Whirlpool

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Excerpt fro the Sunny Rock B&B Observation Journal: Enjoying the Natural Whirlpool in the bright afternoon sun, Anne and I observed a Blue Heron (named Harriet) sitting on a rock about 30 meters away. All conversation stopped for a moment as we observed the beautiful bird.

As we allowed Harriet to have a quiet moment without us glaring at him (this is not a mistake see “How Harriet got His Name” posting) he flew to a rock not 20 meters away. I then explained to Anne that just a day or so ago Harriet flew to the Whirlpool flat rock and walked up the path. Not a second after I explained this to Anne…Harriet flew to the flat rock right beside us, only 12 feet away, and sauntered up the rock and onto the path. We observed that Harriet walked up the path (meaning up stream) and made his way to a standing perch (flat rock) on the river. Was he looking for dinner? Was he fishing?…no we both agreed Harriet was guarding us being sure we played safe on his river. Written by Sunny Rock Sally with permission from Anne on July 18th, 2005 at 5:30 p.m.

Osprey Presenting his Catch

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Excerpt from the Observation Journal: I was opening up the Sunroom early this morning and stepped outside on the deck for a cooling breath of fresh air.

Coming down the river was a Osprey that swooped past the deck with in about 20 feet of where I was standing. In his talon was a huge big fish…I am guessing the fish was about 12 inches long.

As quickly as it showed itself to me…it was gone. The Osprey already had its breakfast so I must go and cook breakfast for 14. I am sorry that others were not awake this early to witness what I have seen. Written by Sunny Rock Sally July 17, 2005 6:15 a.m.

The Osprey Entertaining

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Excerpt from the Observation Journal: As Sue and I sat on the deck watching the rapids we noticed the Osprey flying over the river. It was not long before he swooped down dipping into the water and came out with a fish hanging out of his mouth. He flew back and forth until he finally disappeared behind the trees to eat his catch.

It has been wonderful watching nature and seeing the Heron coming and going at will. It seems like he is use to having people around. This is a great place (Sunny Rock B&B) keep up the good work. Written by Helen July 14th, 2005

The Drag River Ancient Turtle

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We had just returned to Sunny Rock from a local day trip and were making a quick change of clothes in the Pine Studio for an anticipated ‘Natural Whirlpool’ swim. I looked out toward the water over the balcony and saw what I assumed was a very slow moving log…the odd thing was it was moving against the current.

With logic on my side, I reached for the binoculars and took a magnified look. The slow moving log creeping its way up-current was actually a very large turtle (the neck & head of this enormous turtle was what looked like the log!).

With a closer look, the turtle’s shell (bigger than what my arms could wrap around) followed just under the water’s surface. She was solitary, independant, strong, alone…but she shared her presence with me.

I called my partner to see her dinosaur beauty (the turtle), but as quick as she came for a look, the turtle submerged underwater and vanished.

For that brief moment, the turtle was not along – or maybe it was me that wasn’t.

Debra A**

sounds of the rapids are so soothing

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The sounds of the rapids are so soothing, the natural whirlpool so relaxing, and the local restaurant so satisfying (The Pepper Mill!). The one thing that was a disappointment was our stay was too short. See you soon in the winter months.
Tanya & Puti
Barrie, ON