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Minden, Ontario, Canada

Just 2.5 Hours from Toronto

Oscar the Osprey

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…enjoyed a spectacular Osprey dive catching fish from the deck of Sunny Rock! What a delight! Thanks Sally


Thanks for all your suggestions for things to do & places to eat. They were all fantastic!

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Thanks for your gracious hospitality.
What a beautiful relaxing setting for a B & B.
Thanks for all your suggestions for things to do & places to eat. They were all fantastic!
Canoeing, paddle boating, whirlpooling & relaxing on the beautiful decks were all enjoyed immensely! Thanks again.
Carolyn & Glenn
Stouffville, ON

15 inch large mouth bass “wrangled” to the dock

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…the great “Canadian Fisher Woman” stands patiently at the end of the dock anticipating the catch of the year! It’s a “strike” she does it…15 inch large mouth bass “wrangled” to the dock by Linda Branton. Yeh!! Linda

The invitation is always open to come fishing at the Sunny Rock Bed and Breakfast

relaxing, friendly, inviting, and interesting…

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Dear Sally, Jan & Campi
We had a ball here! It was relaxing, friendly, inviting, and interesting – who could ask for more. Thank you for … breakfasts, drinks, the HUGS!, the genuine player piano experience ( I think Sally & Frank have a future as a travelling musical duo! – “Under the Boardwalk”), the “paparazzi”, natural whirlpool experience (thanks for the pics), the pool noodle swim, “hostessing” my ma & pa – they loved it here (I see a future booking..ha), and just an all-around great time.
Thanks for a home-away-from-home!

Heather & Frank

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After enjoying the natural whirllpool swim, we returned to Sally’s Sunny Rock B & B for Happy Hour (remember it starts @ 5 & ends @ 6) I decided to change my clothes & freshen up before enjoying a glass of wine or beer (I can’t remember & no I wasn’t intoxicated!) While I was in the bathroom, I saw two black bears, the mother & her baby cub. Yikes!! Unfortunately my digital camera’s batteries were dead! To make matters worse, I tried to alert my girlfriend & Sally about these bears but it was too late!!! The bears vanished somewhere into the trees. However, it doesn’t mean they won’t return so keep those batteries charged/camera with you as you never know you might be able to catch them. Also don’t leave any food in your car!! If you happen to run into those bears, here are the instructions to protect yourself (according to Sally):

1. take your shirt off (not your pants but if you don’t have a shirt, then well…you don’t have much choice…
2. wave your shirt vertically – horizontally to distract the bear
3. make plenty of noise, don’t bother using American Sign Language (I’m deaf)..hee! hee!
4. DON’T RUN; bears love to chase;
5. If the above instructions didn’t work, at least you had fun at Sunny Rock B & B!

Haliburton Art in the Park

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Last weekend in the Haliburton Village was Art in the Park. One hundred and twenty five artists showing and selling their unique juried talents. Staying with us at the Sunny Rock Bed & Breakfast was Kim Roberts and his wife Anna vanMaris.

Kim is an incredible photographer. I stopped by his booth to see his photos and fell in love with all of them. I ended up being the proud owner of a photo of a Moose. I decided this photo was a wonderful reminder of a moose I saw earlier in the summer from my sunroom. Watch for a future message on this blog that will tell the story of the moose.

Check out Kim’s website ( and when you make contact with him tell him Sunny Rock Sally sent you.

The Mother of All Beavers

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Excerpt from the Sunny Rock B&B Observation Journal: What kind of animal does a kid from New York City usually see? The rat is the best answer. So it is good to come to Sunny Rock to see another rodent; the Beaver, nature’s engineer, symbol of the engineering society.

What a porker! Sighting occured at 17:30 p.m. of a 250 kg beaver (it would make for a great coat for Paris Hilton) feeding off the rapids.

The best time to see this creature chow down is approximately 17:30-18:30 US Naval Observatory Time.

A second sighting of a slightly smaller beaver, 150-175kg, occured around 1800. He was struggling with a large stick and was swimming towards his house.
Written By Bob on July 29, 2005