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Questions a B&B Newbie Should Ask: Hint #3 Being on Time?

Filed under: General Interest Newsy Stuff — Sally at 5:15 pm on Thursday, March 11, 2010

As a Bed and Breakfst owner I vow that I will always be on time or I will call my host if I know I will be a late arrival. The moment I know that I am leaving my starting point later than I expected I call my host to give them a heads up. Knowing I am not going to be on time 2 or 3 hoours before is often something I know. By calling, texting or emailing the heads up of our late departure allows the incoming host a chance to do a couple of errands, slow down in the cleaning room process, prepare something in the oven, walk the dog or have a well deserved nap before your real anticipated time of arrival.

I think my mother and father brought me up to respect my time and the time of others. Mom always had my siblings and I understand that it is respectful to tell your host that you will be late and not on their door at the time that you plan or establish. For this littlee tidbit of lifeskill I feel richer for it. I also know that others feel the respect and this makes for building stronger relationships.

It is also true that those who know me and understand my philosophy of respecting other people’s time know that I am never late and if I anticipate being late I will call or email or text message a cell phone. They also know that there was so pretty important reason that I have not made it to their door and it might mean that I will need their help or something.

Hint #3 a question a newbie could ask is : how important is it that we arrive on time or at the time that we designate?

The host’s answer to the question might be a little revealing. In my case I am often on my own as Jan works out of Toronto. When I am on my own and I am expecting guests for 1 pm and they do not arrive until 5 pm I likely will not get to Minden in time to pick up that needed something to prepare the guests breakfast, the dog is probably feeling deprived of her walk and the heat of the day has prevented me from taking a guest for a swim or a natural whirlpool. In the winter i will feel deprived of my opportunity of a cross country ski or a dinner out with friends. There has been others that have now been affected by the late arrrival guests.

I am sure that I, as a B&B Host, am not alone in saying that we would wish to hear from our guests if they know they will be later than the designated time…particularly if the timing was very specific for a reason. I have on a number of occasions explained to guests that I have dinner plans or a ticket to the theatre and would hope to welcome and orient the guests to the house and the dog before I will need to depart for my dinner or theatre.

Cannot tell you how many times guests have been late even knowing about our dinner oth theatre tickets and prevented me from meeting my time line and that I have had to cancel.
Entrapenuers know and understand that “time is money”. If only we as Bed and \Breakfast owners could ask our guests to understand that if we are sitting arroung waiting on the guests we also would be wasting out time and money.

Like many B&B hosts, Jan and I at the Sunny Rock B&B are often very active in our community and like to attend scheduled programs, a timed dinner, or a ticked events. Jan and I have been in businesss for 15 years now… can you tell that this is a little pet peeve.

Please please please call if you are going to be late and ask how important is it that we are right on time? We will love you for it! Sally

What is a Bed and Breakfast: the Wikipedia explanation.

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There appears to be no author to the definition to Bed andBreakfast in Wikiipedia so I am unable to give a reference other than to the link below.

Once you have read all about what a B&B is and explored the various B&Bs in differeent areas of the world we hope you will come and stay with us at the Sunny Rock Bed and Brekfast in Minden Ontario.

Happy reading! ta ta for now. Sally