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New Store in Minden Ontario: Unique Finds

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There is a new store in Minden Village that everyone should be checking out this summer. Unique Finds buy household contents and cottage contents of people selling or moving. The occasional estate content sale has many riches. The contents of his store are antiques,furniture,military medals, old photos, old postcards, collectables, hard cover books and collections. Unique Finds is located at 89 Bobcaygeon Road in Minden (beside the Wine Store). 705 935 0011

Bigley’s Shoes and Clothing in Bobcaygeon ONtario

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Bigley’s Shoes and Clothing is a favorite location to visit when they come to visit us at the Sunny Rock Bed and Breakfast in the Haliburton Highlands. It’s an easy stop to Bigley’s on your way to or from Toronto.

Bigley’s is located at 41Bolton Street in Bobcaygeon Ontario. They are open 7 days a week and they represent 8stores under one roof. They also have an online store at ..

Jim Cuddy & John McDermott to play theForest Festival in the Haliburton Highlands Ontario: August 15 to 19, 2012

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Jim Cuddy and John McDermott are just two of the many talented musicians who will be performing in this year’s Forest Festival, set for August 15 to 19 th at the Haliburton Forest and Wildlife Reserve in the tourism destination called the Haliburton Highlands Ontario.

New this year the concerts will begin with an excerpts concert performed by participants in the Haliburton Opera Studio on Wednesday August 15.

The Jim Cuddy Trio will perform on August 16 at the Bone Lake Amphitheatre, where guitarist Colin Gripps and violinist/fiddler Anne Lindsay will join the Blue Rodeo singer onstage.

On Friday August 17the Bone Lake Amphitheatre will be the home to another big name as John McDermott takes the mike.

Other performers at this year’s festival include Hilarious Duran, Amanda Martinez, Bobhop Cowboys and Suzie Vinnick accompanied by Rick Fines.

This years line up at the Forest Festival will continue the tradition include all types of music…jazz, country, blues and folk musicians to name just a few. Nothing but the best in Canadian Talent.

Tickets for the concerts are available thought the Haliburton Forest Store on Highland Street in Haliburton Village and at the Haliburton Forest and Wildlife Reserve and at the forest festival website (

Earliy bird tickes are available up to July 15 and the price ranges from $29 to $49 per ticket depending on what concert. For the first time this year combination packages are available, where tickets for multiple shows can be purchased for considerable savings.

For more information about this years Forest Festival lineup visit the events website at ? or call the Forest Store at 705 457 2000 or the Haliburton Forest and Wildlife Reserve at 705 754 2198.

While planning your holiday to the Haliburton Highlands and the cottage country lake district 2.5 hours North of Toronto Ontario plan to stay at the Sunny Rock Bed and Breakfast and make a long weekend of it. Call Sally 1 888 786 6976 or check out our website at

Cottage Country Real Estate in the Haliburton Highlands Ontario

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When you are cottage country real estate hunting in the Haliburton Highlands we wish to help you to find the real estate person who can best help you with your real estate needs. In the Haliburton Highlands there are many real estate folks to choose from if you are wanting to find the most trust worth folks we suggest that you come and stay with us at the Sunny Rock Bed and Breakfast for a couple of nights and we would try to find the best real estate representative to meet your needs.

It is important to stay in the community of your choice to be sure that the area has all the components that you require of your cottage county cottage. If the Haliburton Highlands is your cottage country area of choice be sure to ask us about our Cottage Deal 8+1, Cottage Deal 10+2, or our Real Estate Referral Deal. Wish for more information please do not hesitate to give Sally a call at 1 888 786 6976 .

Top Considerations of Buying A Cottage in the Haliburton Highlands Ontario…our Cottage Country B&B Special!

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There is a time in people’s lives when the they consider that being out of the urban concrete for the summer or the fair weather is something dreamed about. North of Toronto there are a number of cottage country pockets that may be considered cottage country heaven. Whether you are looking in the Haliburton Highlands, Kawartha Lakes or Muskoka all these areas can offer the dream come true….cottage country.

When considering the purchase of a cottage anywhere there are a number of factors that should be taken into consideration. Take these suggestions as only suggestions and helpful hints that will make your cottage purchase experience positive.

How often will you be wanting to go to the cottage may help you to determine how far away from your city home you want the cottage to be. Initially consider day trips drives from home. If you want to be 2 hours away drive 2 hours and explore the area.

How do you believe you will use the cottage? Are you looking for solitude and quiet? Are you needing to see the sunset in the night sky over water? I recommend that you spend some time in the communities that you might consider. What better than to find a cozy bed and breakfast where you can experience some of the qualities that you are looking for. There are folks who own b&bs that are at the end of a country road in very beautiful wooded areas. There are bed and breakfasts that are on water with the comfort of the decks with a breeze so that you can sit out enjoying the evening and experience that sunset over the water.

Those of us who own bed and breakfast environments would be very willing to share our homes with you and are very willing to talk to you about what it is like to live where they live. We will often be very willing to tell you of the positives and negatives of cottaging in a certain area. Be sure to listen for these ups and downs and take what you are learning in and then go off and explore for yourself and build your own opinions.

Take year or so and be sure that you go and explore the area of your choice in all seasons. You will begin to see what services are open or closed in the 4 seasons. An example where we are in the Haliburton Highlands there are some restaurants that start up on Mat ong Weekend and close down at Labour Day. Some other adventures and outdoor activities that draw you to the community become slower and less available in other seasons. You will only really understand these pluses and minuses when you come to stay for the occasional seasonal.

Seasonal visits will also have you in the are to see the water fluctuations. If you are choosing a waterfront property you will sure want to know the water fluctuation and what impact this will be on your swimming, boating and other activities. And consider if you would rather your lake front be sand, mud or rocks.

Should you find the cottage or home that You feel is right be sure that you make it a condition of sale that there is a home inspection be done on the property. The structure it self is only one type of inspection to be done. Be sure water quality levels or septic maintenance or lack of be checked. Knowing what you are getting into in the way of repairs, replacement may mean your purchase will be more financially viable.

While experiencing a property consider how much privacy there is from other cottages. How much leave coverage would be at the difference seasons of the year.

Talk about access to the cottage. Better weather means better and easier access on dirt and gravel roads. If you plan on using the cottage in the winter find out if the roads are passable, many road associations arrange plowing of the road in the winter. Inquire about each cottages financial obligations to the maintenance of the cottage road. Besure that the cottage road association is in harmony with all road issues.

If being online is important to you make sure you have access to DSL or cell phone coverage. High Speed Internet and Cell Networks in cottage country there may be some areas of poor reception due to the hill terrain. Satellite Internet may be a solution…know your options.

Often folks are looking to the cottage as their retirement home. Your early cottage plan might wish to be more private and secluded and a distance from food, gas and booze is ok. As you age and the retirement transition happens your priorities may change. You may wish to be in the Haliburton Highlands on a Funtime basis and therefore being so secluded is less favorable and the need to be closer to a village and it’s services more important. As you age there is more of a need for medical services and attention…do you know where the closest hospital is?

Cottaging is a fabulous option for families looking for an option away from the city for the summer. Couples looking for a cottage may like to explore an area to see it’s merits before taking the financial plunge into cottage ownership. Know that there are many bed and breakfasts throughout cottage country with varying degrees of waterfront, seclusion, village, experiences to choose from.

In our bed and breakfast ownership of the last 17 years we have helped hundreds of visitors to Sunny Rock Bed and Breakfast find their cottage country real estate. Some folks have even realized that because of our location on water, a water falls, rooms with an incredible view, large common areas, access to their own kitchette and BBQ, incredible breakfasts each morning, 1000s of square feet of decking to rest and have happy hour, lake swimming, flat water canoeing for 5 lakes, kayaks, paddleboats and bikes available….and so much more that Sunny Rock B&B offers…our guests have even forgotten about the need to buy a cottage. Our 9000 square feet of buildings means we own the capital expense of cottaging and our guest can enjoy looking to our home, B&B and property and facilities as their cottage….with out the financial burden. Hmmm,….food for thought. As us Sally or Jan about the cottage deal when you call 1 888 786 6976 .

Canning Lake Property Owners Association, Haliburton Highlands Ontario

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The Canning Lake Property Owners Association was formed in 1962, which makes the CLPOA 50 years old this year. A celebration is planned for August 25 at the Sunny Rock Bed and Breakfast.

The association was the result of hard work of many people who formed the first executive. Sherman Taylor was the foundling father and the first President of the CLPOA. In 1938 Sherman and his wife Aileen Ellis purchased lakefront property on Canning Lake for approximately $10,000.

Harry Stark son of the owners and operators of the Silverwood Lodge was probably the creator of the”sea flea” said to be first created and raced in 1946.

Tom Barrett bought lake front property in 1939 in the midst of “The Finnish Village”. Tom’s wife Irma , was born in Finland and knew many of the Local residence as they once were guests of the Sunny Rock Lodge (presently known as the Sunny Rock Bed and Breakfast). Tom was the treasurer of the first CLPOA and was very supportive of earlier initiatives.

Fred Jones bought a cottage on Canning Lake in 1950 following years of being a guest at Rest Point Lodge. His first home was built by Jalmari Kaasailnen of the “Finnish Village”. The house on the same property today is called “Rigney’s Roust” and has been the home of the Annual General Meeting form many years. Fred was very generous with his time with the Canning Lake Property Owners Association.

Paul Saarimaki came to Canning Lake with his father Adiel, mother Ilmi and 3 sisters in 1929. They bought their property from the Konni’s who went on to build the Sunny Rock Losge that became the hub of the Finnish Village. A cottage was first built but then so many friends and relatives came up to visit that more cottages were built on the property and became the Rest Point Lodge. Paul assumed the responsibility of preparing the printing and publishing in the early Association newsletters and directories.

Many of the lodge guests from Sunny Rock Lodge, Rest Point Lodge and Silverwood Lodges Later bought property on the lake, built cottages and became members of the CLPOA.

Sally Moore, owner of the Sunny Rock Bed & Breakfast, takes guests on informative walking tours of the history of the Canning Lake. Call Sally for a reservation and a tour. 1 888 786 6976