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Cape Cod’s Provincetown MA: Prince Albert Guest House

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The Month of May is certainly the time of year to head to the popular tourist destination of Cape Cod’s Provincetown in Massachusetts. We headed to Cape Cod without considering the need to have our accommodation planned in advance. Jan and I knew that the tourist season had not really begun yet for the Provincetown folks.

There are literally 100 accommodation options all along the Cape Cod Coast line. We still had time in our driving day so we headed for Provincetown MA. Driving into the village along Commercial street we considered only accommodation near the centre of the village. With a number of options available one of the ones that stood out as our choice was the Prince Albert Guest House. So we had arrived to 164 and 166 Commercial Street two historical house merged into one Guest house now know as the Prince Albert Guest House.

Cape Cod, Provincetown MA: Prince Albert Guest House boast of having "one of Provincetown Massachusetts' largest outdoor living areas located on Commercial Street and the homes are historical landmarks once belonged to sea captains from the whaling days!" Well no wonder it is known as "Provinvetown's Crown Jewel". Sitting in the comfy and relaxing court yard we soon realized this was the best location in PTown to let the world pass by, people watch, and to enjoy the harbor views. We clearly scored one of the best.

Stephen, the owner and innkeeper, welcomed us making us feel that we were long lost friends. Following orientation of the house and the town we set out on foot to explore the village. We were with in walking distance of many terrific restaurants, art galleries, tourist shops and the nightlife. As we were staying only two nights at Prince Alberts Guest House we asked our host for his favourite places to have dinner. Without hesitation Stephen recommended Jimmy's Hide Away and The Lobster Pot. Both offered amazing food....the very best burger,fries and salad and the second night I got my lobster fix. We learned long ago in our B&B travel accommodation history to follow the innkeepers lead and we ended up eating the very best food overlooking the sea.

Each night following our exploration of the Provincetown village we headed back to the luxury setting of the Prince Albert Guest House. We had Room 1 just in side the front door...convenient for me not to have to travel the stairs. We soon learned that if you leave the door open Shelby the puppy would come and visit and offer her goodnight hugs and kisses...she too was a very welcoming host.

Our room was one of the 17 guest rooms with private bath, an oversized bay window with a water view. Just outside our door was a private patio. Our suite had a flat panel HDTV, ceiling fan, mini-fridgeand WiFi so we could plan our next days journey. Beautifully landscaped gardens are found amidst the patios along the front of the inn, as well as private patios in the rear where there is a large hot tub. In May one does not think of bringing a bathing suit to enjoy the hot tub. We will be sure to remember next time.

We sort of took the long way to get to Cape Cod amd Ptown, stayed only two days and then drove all the way home. A whirl wind 5 day adventure put 27 hours of driving, 2,600 klms, many fond memories, lots of pictures, plenty of culunary delights to tell others about and many new friends. You know what...we forgot to dip out toe in the cold ocean waters...meaning we are destined to return to Cape Cods Provinvetown for longer next time.

If you find your way to The Prince Albert Guest House to visit Stephen please tell them that Sally and Jan of the Sunny Rock Bed and Breakfast in the Haliburton Highlands Ontario Canada sent you.

Cape Cod’s Provincetown Massachusetts USA: Land’s End Inn

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Land’s End Inn: Provincetown Massachusetts USA
On a recent 5 day holiday Jan and I “escaped everyday life as we know it” and headed on a driving tour into the USA which lead us to Cape Cod Massachusetts. While in Provincetown Cape Cod we visited and toured an Inn that has the same “WOW” qualities that our Sunny Rock Bed and Breakfast in the Haliburton Highlands Ontario.

Jan and I had no accommodations planned so we drove up and down Commercial Street and Bradford Street in Provincetown. Two Inns made impressions on us The Prince Albert Guest House Inn and the Land’s End Inn. As we had a limited time visit and wanted the Centretown experience, walking through the galleries, stores and eating at a couple of village restaurants we ended up staying at the Prince Albert Inn. However we asked Stephan, our innkeeper/owner of the Prince Albert Guest House Inn, to contact the owner/Innkeeper of the Land’s End Inn and ask if we could visit and tour. Our request was honoured and Joe, an Innkeeper/associate of the Land’s End Inn took us on a very extensive tour.

When Jan and I arrived to the Land’s End Inn we parked the car on the Commercial Street road side and ascended the stairs to the most incredible view. With each step up came another and then again another “WOW”. Both Jan and I were in “AH” of the view. Mmmmm….It was at this point that we were reminded that this is the same ‘WOW” our guests experience when they arrive at the Sunny Rock Bed and Breakfast. In both environments guests/visitors must get out of their parked car, walk the stairs or onto the higher ground to see what sets both B&B’s apart from all the other Bed and Breakfasts in our respective areas.

We were struck by the blue of the ocean, the view, the solitude of the space, the view, the collection of comfy sitting areas, and oh…did I mention the view!

This is a quote from the Land’s End Inn Website:

“Set high atop a hill in Provincetown’s charming West End, Land’s End Inn offers exquisite inn accommodations with panoramic ocean views. The New York Times describes Land’s End Inn as “a lavishly decorated outpost atop the West End with extravagant views and gorgeous grounds.” Seventeen luxury guests rooms commanding ocean views, just steps to the beach and just a short walk to downtown Provincetown makes Land’s End Inn the perfect place for romance and relaxation. has Michael Macintyre created a signature destination that is like no other. Treat yourself, or a loved one to some of the finest luxury lodging accommodations available on Cape Cod.”

You will notice that I rave about the view and have not at all talked about the interior of this incredible Inn. With the exception of maybe two rooms Joe, Jan and I visited the bedrooms. I was invited to take picture if I liked. I did take a few however they we amateurish. So I would like to lead you to see the video that the Land’s End Inn has on their website. This Land’s End Inn video takes you inside and out.

Owner/Innkeeper Michael MacIntyre has certainly made the decore work for this property. There are things everywhere in the colloection of neat things from all over the world.

For those who know Sunny Rock B&B and who might want to travel to Cape Cod and Provincetown there are interesting parallels to be drawn between the Lands End Inn and Sunny Rock Bed and Breakfast: each have a “WOW” view, a very large house with interesting nooks and crannies, decks/padios with a view and a breeze, beautifull room decore and bed settings, ensuite bathrooms, breakfast nook and deck sitting for breakfast and a hospitality package that includes first class service and a value added experience.

Sunny Rock makes a list of the top 100 Bed and Breakfasts in the World folks should take note of!!!!!

The Sunny Rock Bed and Breakfast has just recently been listed as one of the Top 100 Bed and Breakfasts in the world. Can you believe that…. the whole world. I took a break from strutted around for awhile with my fingers in my suspenders feeling very proud and with excitement forwarded this link to everyone i know. so important as it is I decided to record it here for all to follow also.

Top 100 Bed and Breakfasts in the world.

Newfoundland, Dildo, Baccalieu Trail : Inn By The Bay and George House Heritage Bed and Breakfast

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This May and June Jan and I travelled to Newfoundland Labrador with Jan’s sister, Suzy, and our friend, Tokiko, from Kobe Japan. We departed and flew from Toronto to St John’s NFLDL after the May Long Weekend and arrived back home the first week of June. We stayed in 12 Bed and Breakfasts over the two weeks.The convenience of staying in the St John’s Airport Ramada Inn made our arrival and departure nights a very positive and affordable experience.

Overall we had a ball…every B&B was different in some unique way. A very commion theme in Newfoundland is the kindnesses and the hospitality offered by the people we encountered.

Near the end of our two week adventure we found a B&B or two B&Bs owned by the same folks that were the highlight of our trip to NFLDL. We originally called and made a reservation for only one night and because of the comforts, service,food and frienships we decided to stay a second night. The Inn by the Bay and George House Heritage Bed and Breakfast have everything that one would expect of an upscale B&B. These two homes were clearly most like our Sunny Rock B&B in so many ways. Our guests who feel we offer something special would delight in this experience in Dildo NFLDL. Yes I said Dildo! I can see it now this blog will show up in all sorts of places on the internet.

As pictured below the two homes, both operating as B&Bs over look the Bay in Dildo. The homes are owned by partners Todd Warren and Dale Cameron. Inn by the Bay is th lower home and George House is up on thee hill.

Inn By The Bay and George House B&B Dildo Newfoundland Labrador

Both Todd and Dale sure know how to run homes that were immaclately cared for and tidy and fabulously present their food in 5 star style Within a short few minuted following our arrival to the Inn by the Bay we were invited to have happy hour and freshly made munchies in the parlour of the George House. Not being one to pass that up we were wowed by the hospitality. We instanly found a personal connection to our hosts. The laughs were many…from the breakfast to the late night conversations.

We went out to dinner at the Dildo Grill in downtown Dildo. Todd called ahead to the restaurant and ordered our desert for us. This really decadent ooye and gooey dessert followed our dinner. I do not remember the name of the desert however see how wonderful it looks.

Gooy NFLDL Dessert

Dildo is an ideal location to stay and take day trips to various parts of the Avalon Peninsula which contains almost 50% of the population of the province. The Avalon Peninsula has four quadrants – the Baccalieu Trail forms the northwestern quadrant, the Admirals’ Coast is in the centre, the Killick Coast in the northeastern quadrant, the city of St. John’s is at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean along the eastern side, the Irish Loop is in the southeastern quadrant, and the Cape Shore forms the the southeastern quadrant. This is how easy it is to enjoy a large area and always return home to this very special venue.

If you are planning a holiday to Newfoundland consider this beautiful spot and be sure to tell Todd and Dale that Sunny Rock Sally sent you.

Inn By The Bay78 Front Road Dildo Newfoundland
Toll Free 1 888 339 7829

George House Heritage Bed and breakfast 80 Front Road Dildo Newfoundland
Toll Free 1 888 339 7829

Ireland, Arthurstown, Co. Wexford: Marsh Mere Lodge Bed and Breakfast

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March 2009 the specific day really doesn’t matter but the experience of that day was a memory not soon forgotten. We (Jan, Sally, Sako and Tokiko) were driving along the south east coast of Ireland enjoying a wonderful long drive all the way from the Wicklow Mountains. We had talked for the past hour about finding a B&B for the night. It was probably about 7 pm. We had just visited the Lighthouse on Hook Peninsula capturing the lighthouse in photos with the evening sun. Feeling that our day of travel was complete we headed up along the peninsula to Arthurstown.

After a short drive up the peninsula we saw before us this amazing B&B perched up on the hill overlooking this incredible western view of the sea. We had landed…we were home. Before us was the Marsh Mere Lodge B&B.

Marsh Mere Lodge B&B

Marsh Mere Lodge B&B

Approaching the house to inquire of availability we met 3 people standing in the parking lot. It was wonderful to be welcomed with introductions and hugs like we were long lost friends. How is it possible that we were having a “Sunny Rock Like” experince in Ireland. Of all the B&B’s Jan and I have traveled to around the world to date truely we had not ever had such a welcome. Not only did we know we were home Jan and I were validated for the way we welcome our guests at the Sunny Rock Bed and Breakfast in Minden Ontario Canada.

Jan, Claire, Tokiko, Sako and Claire's sister

Jan, Claire, Tokiko, Sako and Claire's sister

Our host Claire McNamara has figured out “the customer service thing” hands down. In the words of her very own website Marsh Mere Lodge Bed and Breakfast is “Full of charm and olde-worlde elegance, Marsh Mere Lodge and the McNamaras offer their guests a traditional “Warm Irish Welcome” to a house that personifies relaxation and comfort”. All that were with us that day in the car agree…an amazing accommodation with the taste of modern and history all in the same breath.

We were planted for the night and simply settled into the Lounge for a picnic of food we had left over from our travels. Claire set a fire in the fireplace and offered us a wonderful and appreciated glass of wine…which I might add ended up being the whole bottle.

We loved the enviroment and its comforts so much and Claire helped us to plan our next day of adventure which included the Dunbrody Famine Ship and a walking tour of Waterford only to mention a couple of highlights…we ended up staying a second night. Dinner out and the local pub music continues to amaze us.

Breakfasts both mornings were very different than the “Traditional Irish Breakfast” we had had the previous 5 mornings. We appreciated the change…and were unaware that every B&B in Ireland (but Marsh Mere) believes that the traditional Irish Breakfast must be served. Claire if you are reading this please know that although the Irish breakfast is a delight…change was more of a delight.

On the morning of our departure we felt we were saying so long to a very good friend. Sad to leave and knowing there were many more adventures ahead we were off once again to explore more of Ireland…kissing the Blarney Stone was in our near future.

We rated each B&B of our Irish adventure on a scale of 1 to 10. 10 being the “Super B&B”. Marsh Mere and Claire need to know they ranked 13-15 from the Canadian and Japanese judges. Cheers.