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Questions a B&B Newbie Should Ask: Hint #4 Passby vs Destination B&B Definition?

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Jan and I have visited close to 450 b&bs in our travel career and there are clearly a difference between the “pass by b&b” and the “destination B&B” and I will try to share the difference here. I am not sure there is any real definition for the two kinds of B&B. There is however a difference in the war you are treated during the reservation process and upon arrival.

During the “pass by B&B” reservation process you may be asked for the very minimum of information. These folks are not interested in the information for follow up contact…for example a snail mail address or an email address. They just want your credit card information. You may have noticed that the phone number is the same for 4 or 5 different b&bs…this often means that one person owns a bunch of houses or there is an answering service that answers the telephone.

The “pass by b&b” likely has a host who will meet you upon arrival and then you never see them again. Or there is just a key hidden for you to find and you never see a host. Often in these circumstances breakfast is either in a basket out side your room in the morning or in the dining room as a continental breakfast. This kind of B&B is for the folks who are Travelling from one place to another and who do not really want to be held up by chit chat. There was no host contact…you were not staying in a host home.

Personally Jan and I are not fond of the “pass by B&B” as we would much rather the personal touches that you receive when you are welcomed by the owner and host. There is a very different pride that the hosts have when you find a ” destination B&B”. There are more stories shared and the guests learn more about the community you are visiting.

The “destination b&b” is an owner occupied home. Usually a home with very special features, stories, history or close to many activities or tourism interests. This is usually a place where you would stay for at least 2 or more days. The guests would be served an incredible breakfast in the morning usually tailored to the tastes of the guest.

Well as you can expect the (Sunny Rock Bed & Breakfastis clearly a “destination B&B”. In fact our guests are simply amazed by all the service they receive when they stay with us. We have stories of the pervious owners, how the property came about, stories of the life on the river and the birds and animals that delight us day in an day out. At the reservation process we take lots of information about our guests because we want to keep contact with our new friends. We are proud of our 85 percent return rate and the friends that we have met in the past 16 years.

You will need to see if you would rather enjoy either the “pass by” or the ” destination” b& b. Both bed and breakfast types have their place and there will be guest preferences. Which one would you rather?

Sunny Rock makes a list of the top 100 Bed and Breakfasts in the World folks should take note of!!!!!

The Sunny Rock Bed and Breakfast has just recently been listed as one of the Top 100 Bed and Breakfasts in the world. Can you believe that…. the whole world. I took a break from strutted around for awhile with my fingers in my suspenders feeling very proud and with excitement forwarded this link to everyone i know. so important as it is I decided to record it here for all to follow also.

Top 100 Bed and Breakfasts in the world.

What is a Bed and Breakfast: the Wikipedia explanation.

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There appears to be no author to the definition to Bed andBreakfast in Wikiipedia so I am unable to give a reference other than to the link below.

Once you have read all about what a B&B is and explored the various B&Bs in differeent areas of the world we hope you will come and stay with us at the Sunny Rock Bed and Brekfast in Minden Ontario.

Happy reading! ta ta for now. Sally

Questions a B&B Newbie Should Ask: Hint #2 Provincial Organization?

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There are professional bed and breakfast organizations available throughout the world that insist that their members follow certain standards. Without these standards a b and b will not likely have a professional standard and presentation.

Professional organizations provide for their members opportunities for professional development, networking, information for safety (water certification & fire marshall standards etc.) Bed and breakfast who are not members of such an organization or association usually are missing a professional component you should expect from your host.

Hint #2 Questions a newbie ask the host: Are you and or your B&B a members of a provincial organization? In Ontario please ask: are you a member of FOBBA (Ferderation of Ontario Bed and Breakfast Accommodation? Do not hesitate to ask what it mean to be a members of FOBBA?

At the very least you should expect that the B&B is networked with a local organization and other B&Bs in their local area. Personally I expect that the B&B be a member of the provincial organization and in my case in Ontario FOBBA is my choice.

When asked what does it mean to be a member of FOBBA you should hear that there are standards to follow, expectations that are a very least, that their b&b might be a 3, 4 or 5 star home, that the host lives in the residence (under the same roof as you), that the host is there to share information about the community with you. And most importantly that they as your host have you, their guest, as the most important reason they are running the B&B. Their most important role should be that you are kept safe and comfortable during your stay and that service and hospitality are their most important concern. Anything short of this…move onto the next Bed and Breakfast on the list.

Questions a B&B Newbie Should Ask: Hint #1 Personal Comforts

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I keep a journal of the places that my partner and I stay and what we learn from our hosts and their home. We do this so that we are doing some personal professional development. Of the 450 some odd Bed and Breakfasts where we have stayed all over the world we have learned as hosts how not to and how to behave, what is appropriate to say and not say and what should be available or on hand too ensure the comforts of our guests in our B&B environment.

I can think of about 5 B&Bs that we felt like we were imposing on the house and the family by being in their home. There were rules where we could and could not be, plastic on the furniture, no information about what there is to do in the area, specific times we could be in the house and not, a specific time for breakfast…be there or not get breakfast, and most importantly there were no extras…a beverage, munchies, chit chat, sharing of lives etc. It was clear to me that these B&B hosts were on the most part living well beyond their means and by having travelers stay they were supplementing their income. They had no intentions to share any part of their lives or their community with us. It was also clear that they had probably never stayed in a bed and breakfast themselves or each would have a little more personality than they did.

Hint #1 Questions a newbie should ask: Ask how long the B&B has been operating? How long have you been the hosts? What comforts do you offer your guests?

At the very least you should expect: lots of information and sincere answers to questions during your telephone call, comments on payment and directions and the persons name or hosts name before you hang up the telephone. When you arrive to the B&B you should expect a person introducing themselves, a welcoming smile, an orientation to the home, some discussion about breakfast, what there is to do in the community or the area, an offering of a beverage, something to munch on and so many other little tidbits that will genuinely help you to feel comfortable while you are visiting.

Are you a Bed and Breakfast Newbie? A Message from an Experienced B&B Enthusiast!

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If you are reading this message right now you are on the pivotal point of what kind of accommodation to choose while you are travelling and you are exploring the bed and breakfast albeit just reading about it on the internet. Let me help by answering some questions for the newbie before you actually make that first call.

There are lots of places to stay when you are travelling…hotels, motels, inns, resorts, cottages etc. Now you have stumbled across this additional accommodation to consider…the bed and breakfast. B&b’s are not new but they are new to some folks and it is always a tough step to make that first call. Read on and check our blog from time to time for some additional information and a nudge.

Firstly,I am not sure I know where the B&B was first established. I just know that is is a safe accommodation available for the traveler all over the world. In every country of the world there will be some form of bed and breakfast home stay that a traveler can consider.

So that you understand my slant on things my partner and I are Bed and Breakfast enthusiasts. We have stayed at some 450 B&B’s all over the world and have a very clear opinion about the benefits of a B&B stay and would like the opportunity to share some of our experiences (good and bad) with you. There are surprises out there in the big world of travel and B&Bs and we just chalk some of the negatives as another experience on our travel journey and in our travel journal. We laugh and tell stories about our experiences often. And will promise to shared some of our experiences with the reader from the traveler and the host perspective.

As a B&B host I often wonder what people are thinking when they finally consider to pick up the telephone and make their fist bed and breakfast inquiry. Please fell free to leave your comments attached to this blog post.

First B and B Experience: Stunning Retreat and Warm Company

Dear Sally
Thank you so much for being our first B ’n’ B experience. Your stunning retreat & warm company is just what we needed to let our daily stresses roll easily off our back! The fall colours were beautiful & we didn’t even notice the rain.
Sally you are a gentle soul and Ace has stolen our hearts! You have an absolute gem out here and I know we will be back to enjoy it again.
Thank you again for an absolutely fabulous weekend!

Shannon & Natalie
Milton, ON & Cambridge, ON

P.S. Thanks for helping us pack on the winter weight – your cooking was wonderful. Yum!!

This spot is truly a “gem”!…Amazing menu’s and service

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Sally & Jan
What a great first B & B experience. A time to relax and reflect with a great compliment of guests and family.
This spot is truly a “gem”! Thank-you for going above & beyond to make us feel welcome here.
A Thanksgiving to be remembered! Amazing menu’s and service…
LeRay & Karen
Stevensville, ON