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Fearing Lost and Founds stuff in a B&B

Filed under: Lost & Found — Sally at 2:19 pm on Thursday, October 15, 2009

One might expect that there would be no fear in finding stuff in and about your B&B left by the new friends and guests who have just left your home. As a result of a recent experience I am now wondering if I should be calling a guest when I find their lost article. Here is the tale.

I spent three nights with a wonderful couple I will call Ken and Barbie for this article. It was clear to me that Ken and Barbie were in love and simply wishing for a retreat and a change from a hum drum yet stressful work and family life. I learned so much about them…they have 6 children within their blended family, however no children together. They like travel, food, sport, exercise. When they met they fell in love instantly…the story was so romantic and the kind that would make up a great plot for a Harlequin Romance Novel. Over the course of their stay we enjoyed lingering conversation over breakfast, conversation on the deck over happy hour and a social after dinner before bed. When Ken and Barbie left there where thank yous, messages in the guest book expressing how wonderful things have been and that they would be back sometime very soon. So I was happy feeling that we have once again made not only some wonderful friends but some guests that will be returning again and again. No lights went off to indicate this was anything more than a quiet peaceful weekend away. Nothing could be further from the truth I was to later find out.

As I passed through their room to strip the bed I noticed that Ken had left his telephone charger plugged in to the wall. I gathered up the charger and headed to my tape to mark the cord so that I would remember who I was to call later. With 8 rooms sometime all occupied at the same time it if necessary to have a process to assist with lost and found. Five hour later…the house cleaned up, beds made, and everything ready for the incoming guests…I gave some thought to calling to inform Ken that his charger had been left behind.

The conversation sort of went like this’ “hi its Sally from the Sunny Rock B&B …I was just calling to let Ken know that Ken left….”. the woman on the other end in a very professional and stern voice says “who is this? And why are you calling my husband?”. “Perhaps I have the wrong number…is this Barbie?” I replied. “Yes and you have not explained why you are calling my husband!”. Silence follows and I quickly, lying through my teeth said…”is this the Mcgee (not the name Ken had given me) residence number?” she said “no”. I said “sorry wrong number” and I hung up. Now I didn’t explain earlier in the story that Barbie who we had befriended in the last 3 days was a British woman…speaking English with the Queen’s accent. Clearly the woman I just spoke with on the telephone was not the same woman. Ooops!

I had only started to catch my breath when the phone rang…wasn’t it Ken. The jist of the conversation went like dare I call his home number to check up on him. The mess that I have now made of his marriage is irreversible. His wife is threatening him with divorce. The expletives coming from the man made me wonder if this was Ken that II had just spent the weekend with. He had hung up before I had the opportunity to explain that I was calling about the telephone charger he had left behind.

Ultimately I was made to feel that I was the person that broke up his marriage and that I was responsible for messing up his quiet weekend away and ultimately that my actions brought on his wife knowing of his Infidelity, Will I accept his guilt? No. Do I care that this has happened.? Of course. Will I look at lost articles another way another time? Yes…even though it raises my blood pressure when I am dialing the telephone.

Regarding infidelity and going to a Bed and breakfast…Don’t use your real address, telephone and WIFES NAME? Infidelity is the responsibility of the players involved…your new friends at the B&B are not responsible for your infidelity.

Regarding Lost and found …B&B hosts often find your Lost and found and want to get the article home to you. Just know that there is sometime a hesitation to call and this is why.

Come and visit us at the Sunny Rock Bed and Breakfast in the Haliburton Highlands Ontario…we will welcome you and send you home in style.